Causes and effects of childhood obesity – Homeopathic Treatment


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Technology has brought with it many a comfort and sometimes also a problem of plenty. Isn’t it a delight to cuddle a chubby and bonny baby? But if the child continues to grow overweight it can bring with it many an ailment.

It is not an uncommon sight nowadays to find children to be on the obese side and as the days go by the percentage of children on the heavier side only seems to be increasing. As such they could grow into obese adults and could develop many health issues much earlier in life bringing down the quality of existence. Let us explore the usual causes of this malady

Take care of your children from Bad Breath

  • A child is easily influenced by the commercials on television and nowadays on the smartphones that only promote unhealthy foods and the eating habits are easily altered for good.

  • It is no more a fad to eat out but a habit too and sometimes a reward for the child. The food at restaurants and cafeterias are rich in fatty foods and the junk foods only compel the child to eat more. Also, the portion of each serving is comparatively higher than at home and brings in more calories into the system.

  • Every refrigerator at homes of today are stocked with beverages like soft drinks and fruit juices which contain sugars and studies say that the child of today when compared to the ones twenty years ago and ingesting 300 percent more of these drinks! If a child’s need per day is about a thousand calories; one such drink would afford 400 calories which are only welcoming obesity.

  • Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles are starting young. A child today spends more time today in front of televisions and the personalized screens of smartphones and are forgetting to play! All the same, the academics of today are so burdening that they have encroached upon the sports hours at school and the child is only insisted to study.

  • The food of today is richer in calories than ever before. But all the same that is not true about the nutrients. A child could be eating more as the serving size is increasing but still falls into the deficiency category.

  • Lower income status is also a bane because the family is more involved earning for day to day needs that there is a compromise in the food that needs to be cooked and instead look for convenience foods available over the counter which again contain more of fat and sugar.

  • The awareness levels of parents could also be a factor if they cannot follow information about proper nutrition and healthy food choices.

  • Obesity could be hereditary too as obese parents are more likely to have their offspring on the heavier side.

  • Also, there are some ailments like hypothyroidism which can make the child obese and your physician would definitely rule it out in your child.

How do I help my overweight child to lose weight?

Obesity in children

To counter the issue of obesity, parents need to make it a habit to cut down on fat and sugar to start with while always looking at the calorific value of the foods they are feeding the child. Insisting the child to eat smaller portions at smaller intervals would be helpful too. Physical activity is the need of the hour and a child needs to help with being involved in the play and not on the phones or tabs of today. It could be in breaks but it needs to be at least an hour a day of whatever activity. A child needs to be drawn away from the gadgets allowing not more than an hour or two of exposure in a day. A child who eats more vegetables is less likely to grow obese and parents make it necessary to see that the colored, cooked vegetables draw the child’s attention which is a sure recipe for health.

homeopathy medicine for weight loss fast (obesity)

There are certain circumstances which have made the child obese. But with the above change in habits, homeopathy medicines can be of help in acting as a catalyst to see that the dietary and physical activity changes take fruit earlier in the child. Remedies that have been of help in children are Antim crud, Calcarea carb, Silicea, Thuja, Thyroidinum that can help catalyze the child to be away from obesity.